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So happy and proud as it was so special day for yogis and yoginis. 
Celebrating the graduation of June / July yoga teacher training course:
First of all I want to thank the students, for their patience, dedication, and disciplined during last 28days and would like to congratulate you all and wish you a bright future, healthy yogic lifestyle and skillful yoga teaching. Whatever you received from us convey to the world responsibly and inspire people to lead a healthy, balanced, spiritual, caring and sharing life.
Dr. Chintamani and whole Nepal yoga academy family.
#yoga #yttnepal #yogaretreat #yoganepal
#yttgraduation #graduation #nepalyogaacademy Finally we started practicum of YTT 200 on 4th week. It was surprise for me that entire group found solution to make mantra chant easy during sun salutation!!! It was kind of sweet cheating hahahah... But really creative work. Thank you guys. 
Some of the student have experienced today. It's here as it is:
1- Today i was teacher for pranayama class, that is the first experience for me, As Guruji said " Experince is the best teacher for success " . I would like to say thank you to all my friend in the class to being good student 🙏😘 and give motivation feedback to improve my Quality. Thank you🙏🙏🙏 Linda
2- Today was my first Time to put what our guru has taught us into practice, the experience was exhilirating and taught me so much. To see so many eager faces in front of you is very intimidating, but when you get them to push harder and stretch more, it gives you a natural high better than any other. It's very sad this week is coming to an end but I'm so proud of all of us for coming so far! The new students who have joined us are having a great time which makes us happy! Only a few more classes to go. 
Candice - South Africa
3- "Today I taught my first yoga class. Although it was quite nervewrecking to be in front of the class all of a sudden, I enjoyed teaching. I enjoyed watching my fellow students even more. They all did a great job! Very inspiring!"
Namaste!! #yogalife  #yoga #meditations After 54 rounds of sun salutation, it was preparation for 108 rounds. 
Let's see how some of the students feel after :
- Just finished 54 sun salutations and wow do we feel energized! All the pain melts away and floats into flexibility and strength. Half way to our goal and feeling good! 
Candice - South Africa -Although it is tough, it is energizing! I am ready to do the 108!
Anne - The Netherlands -I feel so light and energized! More than after a good night sleep!
Emilka - Czech Republic
Namsste🙏😃 #ytt200 #healthy #sunsalutation #yoganepal #stillness