About Chintamani

Dr Chintimani or “Guruji” as he is known to his students, represents and embodies a wealth of knowledge and insight into the practice of yoga. Born to a great scholar of Sanskrit literature, from an early age Chintimani was surrounded by teachings in Eastern philosophy, astrology, mantras, tantra, puja and the yogic lifestyle.
After finishing high school, his own spiritual journey began travelling around India learning and seeking guidance from yoga masters and gurus, immersing himself in the culture and commencing his studies from the heart of yogic tradition. After getting a taste for the lifestyle and being inspired by great teachers, Chintimani went on to study yoga academically at the Sampurnanda Sanskrit University and the Gurukul Kangadi University. He graduated with two masters degrees in Anatomy Physiology Research and Sanskrit Literature as well as a PHD in Yoga Science. During his studies he conducted extensive research tasks and successfully ran various yoga workshops, training camps, therapy & sadhana (practice) sessions in different parts of Nepal and India.
Fresh out of University, Dr Chintimani began expanding his teaching knowledge delving into varying fields such as childrens yoga, yoga for the elderly, yoga for youths and finally yoga teacher training courses. After discovering a passion for helping others along their own teaching paths, Chintimani set up the Nepal Yoga Retreat located in Telkot Nepal, around one hour from the city of Kathmandu. Since opening, he has successfully designed all concepts pertaining to the Yoga retreat packages, Yoga teacher training courses (registered with Yoga Alliance International) and Yoga holidays for the centre, suitable for a diverse and international clientele. Teaching in the classical Sanatan system of yoga asana and with a strong focus on the origins of Yoga and Eastern philosophy, Chinitimani teaches with the key desire to bring back to life the importance of yoga philosophy and reintroduce Yoga in its purest form. As well as consistently overturning a new batch of around 20 new yoga teachers each month, the centre is also home to specialized yoga publications and documentaries promoting and teachingthe essential foundations of Sanatan Yoga throughout Nepal.
Chintimani’s classes have a strong focus on concentration, discipline, breath control, stress management and relaxation. His teaching has been described as carefully considered and highly knowledgable. He is able to programme and design classes that not only include invaluable insights and showcase his own impressive asana practice, but that also encourage students to work to their own level and use the traditional Hatha teachings to inspire their individual journeys. His teaching sessions are derived from ancient yogic texts such as such as the Upanishads, the Bahavad Gita and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Combined with his expert knowledge of Sanskrit, his 20 plus years of teaching experience and his genuine passion and care for the practice, his yoga school and retreat has thrived, welcoming guests from all over the world and boasting outstanding customer satisfaction and yearlong success.

Chintamani offers teacher trainings at two locations along with a team of highly qualified instructors under his guidance:

1) Nepal Yoga Retreat

2) Nepal Yoga Academy

At Nepal Yoga Retreat, all courses are registered teacher training courses:

Yoga Teacher Training 200hr, prerequisites needed, contact Dr Chintamani for more information.

Yoga Teacher Training 350hr– no prerequisites needed. Just a healthy person 18 years old and above.

Yoga Teacher Training 500hr –  prerequisites needed, contact Dr Chintamani for more information.

Yoga Teacher Training 200hr – At Nepal Yoga Academy

Yoga Teacher Training 500hr – At Nepal Yoga Academy

Yoga Guru Training 100hr – available for yoga teachers who have completed at least 200 hours teacher training certification and, at least 500 hours of teaching experience.

Yoga Therapy 200hr – available for the general public, with at least, one year of yoga practice experience or, a 200 hour teacher training certification

Nepal Yoga Retreat is located in the Sankhu Valley of the Bhaktapur district, on the way to Nargkot, 1km from Telkhot. The Retreat is situated in the lap of the virgin jungle overlooking Sankhu valley’s lush green countryside next to the Panchamahalaxmi Temple: An inspiring and peaceful setting to practice and learn Yoga and Meditation.  www.yogaretreatnepal.com

Please email yogichintamani@gmail.com for more information about our courses, start dates and fees. Please specify your experience with yoga, if any, so we can address your query accordingly.

At Nepal Yoga Academy, we offer a registered 200hr and 300hr Teacher Training.

Nepal Yoga Academy is located in Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital in Bansbari, Maharajganja near Shivapuri National Park and the infamous Budhanilakanta Temple. The Academy hosts students from around the world making teacher training a culturally rich experience. www.nepalyogaacademy.com

Please email at yogichintamani@gmail.com for more information about our courses, start dates and fees.